37 Postcards

Performance dates: December 13–17, 2018

Directed by Peggy Tennyson

Cast: Cap Allen, James Ayers, Deborah Hardy Feltman, Susa Kelley, Amanda Sturman, Kim Welty

Assistant director / photographer: Jodi Jahrling
Costumes: Marie Chiarizia & Elizabeth Dickey
Set design and build: Wray Boswell, Marie Chiarizia, & Elizabeth Dickey with special thanks to James Dickey & Ari Skyhorse  for volunteering labor
Tech:Brian Weber

(From left) Kim Welty, James Ayers, Deborah Hardy Feltman, Cap Allen, Amanda Sturman, Susa Kelley
Cap Allen and Kim Welty
James Ayers and Amanda Sturman
James Ayers and Susa Kelley
Kim Welty and Deborah Hardy Feltman
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