Play Submissions

Have an idea for a play you’d like to see at the Sunflower?

Play submissions are open to any Sunflower Troupe member, director or other interested party from the community. Play scripts for consideration for production by the troupe shall be submitted for review to the Sunflower Troupe Steering Committee. Submitter shall use the submittal form at the link below, filling out all sections to the best of their knowledge. If a copy of the play script is available, please loan that to the committee along with the submission of the form.

To complete form: download, fill-in blanks, save as (new filename: play/date/your initials). To submit completed form: email to Desiree Henderson or give her a hard copy of the form at the KSJD offices at the corner of Market and Main Streets in Cortez. At this time plays are being reviewed in an ongoing basis.

Sunflower Play Review Form Blank

A “Reviewing Subcommittee” of the Steering Committee, charged with recommending plays, will review/discuss and agree on direction. If the subcommittee agrees to move the play forward, it will be assigned to a director, and timing for presentation (within a year, or future) will be determined. The subcommittee may also review the play for consideration with the full Sunflower Troupe Steering Committee. Once a review cycle is completed, the sub-committee will inform the submitter of the path forward.

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