The Savannah Sipping Society

Performance dates: December 8–9, 15–16, 2017

Director: Peggy Tennyson

Cast: RobbyHenes, Linella Miller- Dunlap, Peggy Tennyson, Kim Welty, Desiree Henderson


Asst. director/stage manager, props: Dawn Russell

Costume design: Marie Chiarizia

Set design & construction: Barbara Hannemann, Phillip Johnson, Dawn & Marty Russell

Tech: Brian Weber

Stage crew: Dawn Russell, Nancy Sparks

Peggy Tennyson, Linella Miller- Dunlap, Kim Welty, Robby Henes
Robby Henes, Peggy Tennyson, Kim Welty, Linella Miller -Dunlap
The veranda where it all takes place!
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